Shaw's Century Plant
Bridal Wreath

Shaw's Century Plant

Common name: Shaw's Century Plant
Botanical name: Agave shawii

This succulent reaches 2-3' tall and 2' wide but will form large spreading colonies. Leaves are 4" across and about 2' long, thick and rigid, upward curving and gray green. Leaf margins have spines and there is also a terminal spine. It does need some protection from the sun in the low desert; it prefers afternoon shade in these areas. It is not very cold hardy and tolerates coastal conditions.

Bridal Wreath

Common name: Bridal Wreath
Botanical name: Spiraea X vanhouttei

This deciduous shrub exhibits fountain-like growth to 6' and as wide. During the months of June and July, showy white flowers are borne in rounded clusters to highlight the blue-green foliage. It should be grown under conditions of full sun.