Giant Chain Fern
South Western Coral Bells
Coast  Live Oak

Giant Chain Fern

Common name: Giant Chain Fern
Botanical name: Woodwardia fimbriata

The Giant Chain Fern is a large fern that grows 4'-8' tall. It can tolerate full sun but does best in some shade. This fern is native to California and is drought tolerant. -Cornflower Farms

South Western Coral Bells

Common name: South Western Coral Bells
Botanical name: Heuchera sanguinea

Tufts of round leaves 2"-3" wide with scalloped edges accent this plant. It also produces wiry stems to 24" tall with open clusters of tiny, reddish pink, bell-shaped, fragrant flowers. Native to Desert Southwest so it tolerates desert heat, not humidity of deep South. It can also be grown in Colorado and Oregon in full sun with cool temperatures. This Heuchera typically spreads 12". Flowers can be used for vases. Prune spent flowers to encourage more blooming. This perennial has a mounding habit. In warmer and hot areas, plant in shade or part shade. This plant does best with well draining, fertile, moist soil. It does not tolerate clay soil well but will perform in rocky soil. Looks great in containers or along walkways.

Coast  Live Oak

Common name: Coast Live Oak
Botanical name: Quercus agrifolia

The Coast Live Oak is an evergreen, round-headed tree with regal bearing. It can reach 25'-80' high and 25-40' wide and grows very well from the coastal areas to the interior valleys. Strong herculean branches adorn mature trees casting much appreciated summer shade. It attracts wildlife in droves.